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The Teachings of Flowers


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Flowers and the Soul

Yes, Flowers Love

All music for The Teachings of Flowers was composed and performed by Jean-Christophe Bonnafous.  In the early stages of the editing process this gifted artist crossed paths with Loretta and Coren while visiting the Auroville community.

Upon hearing Jean-Christophe's flute compositions Loretta immediately knew that his musical skill was the perfect accompaniment to the story and images of this film.  Loretta invited him to preview some rough chapter edits and consider contributing to the final production.  Jean-Christophe resonated with the story, spirit and visual style of the film and agreed to compose original music for the full two hour production.​

The plan was for Jean-Christophe to return to Auroville later that year and compose the score while watching the finished draft of the film.  This plan unfolded differently, though, with Coren needing to return to the U.S.  The editing process quickened and Jean-Chrisophe was asked to compose the score in Europe from 35 minutes of footage in rough form. 

In a short, but intense period of time, Jean-Chrisophe composed 13 original tracks for The Teachings of Flowers.  This score was sent to Coren and Loretta in Auroville with free license for them to place the music where best it fit.  As a testament to the quality and sensitivity of Jean-Christophe's musicianship, the music fit perfectly into the final structure of the film.  It felt as though he had composed the music while viewing the completed film.

The story of The Mother and her Teachings of Flowers would not be the same without the flute music of Jean-Christophe.  You are invited to listen to a selection of tracks from The Teachings of Flowers.  If you are interested in purchasing this music, please contact us.

"The best way of listening (to music) is this. It is to be like a still mirror and very concentrated, very silent. In fact, we see people who truly love music . . . I have seen musicians listening to music, musicians, composers or players who truly love music, I have seen them listening to music . . . they sit completely still, you know, they are like that, they do not move at all. Everything, everything is like that. And if one can stop thinking, then it is very good, then one profits fully. . . . It is one of the methods of inner opening and one of the most powerful."


      - The Mother

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