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The teachings contained in this film are but one part of a much larger body of teachings offered by The Mother and Sri Aurobindo.  Our intention is not to provide an exhaustive catalogue of the numerous flowers given a significance by The Mother.  Such a cataloging has already been done by a number of comprehensive and detailed books.  Though our original vision for the film included more direct naming of specific flowers, the evolution of the project led it in a different direction.

As you will experience when you watch the film, the flower teachings are presented less as a listing of names and significance, and more as a meditation on the truth and beauty living within each flower.   

Alongside the specific teachings on flowers, The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have written extensively on a wide-range of topics.  For those interested in furthering their understanding of these profound teachings, we encourage you to visit the Sri Aurobindo Ashram website.  This site offers downloadable PDF copies of nearly all the books written by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

In addition to this primary source of material, there are a number of websites created by that offer detailed lists of plants and flowers that the Mother gave a significance to. One of the best is listed below:  

​- Blossom Like a Flower

"Consciousness is the faculty of becoming aware of anything through identification with it.  But mere awareness is not knowledge.  Only when the consciousness participates in the divine consciousness does it get full knowledge by identification with the object.  When the divine consciousness identifies with an object, it knows it thoroughly, because it always becomes one with the essential truth or law behind each fact."

        - The Mother

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